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Home Owners, Do you have a Story to Tell?

posted by Albert Tan in Property

Marketing is No Longer about the stuff you Sell, but about the Story you Tell.  

Do you have a Story to Tell?

Haven't you heard? Good Story Tellers sold their properties at desired price & in shorter timeline?

Want to be a Good Story Teller too?

Your Story via Digital Platforms?

Do you know you can tell your Story via the Largest Digital Platforms like Facebook, Google and 200 websites? 

Your Story through Innovation?

Your Story can be told by Embracing innovation and leveraging technology. Enjoy this "Talking" Explainer Video which gives an overview of what and how we can help you tell your Story.

Your Story through Videos

"A Picture speaks a Thousand Words"

"A Motion Video speaks a Million"

Video content has emerged as the preferred format of consuming content. You don’t need statistics to figure that out. Just think about your own browsing choices. If you wanted to know about the top 10 places for a holiday, would you rather read about it or watch a short interactive video that also includes images and/or voice-over narration? A video where someone is speaking to you is much more personal than reading text.

Watch the 2 videos which show how videos "Speak more than a Thousand Words" and effectively showcase a property to prospects even before they step into the property.

Presentation in Cinematic Theme

Presentation in Professional Theme

Your Story is Unique.. and Optimised

Your Story will get most extensive outreach...

Besides conventional marketing, these are innovative strategies we adopt for our digital marketing activities; getting properties to be marketed via the Largest Digital Platforms, thus ensuring the most extensive outreach to get your prospective buyer.

Your Story will be Optimised...

Marketing campaigns are tailored to achieve the best results for all clients. Every client can be assured that they will receive optimized campaigns for their property needs.

Tell Your Story via Technology & Makeover

Video Marketing & Home Staging

Where practical, our marketing campaigns include Video Marketing, Home Staging and even make recommendation(s) for practicable home makeovers, etc. In simple words, with our innovative campaigns, instead of waiting for buyers, we bring your home to buyers to showcase your property at its best.

Your Story may be given a Makeover...

Home staging is to create the perfect first impression by decorating an unfurnished property with temporary furniture and accessories. It helps to demonstrate how to utilise the space and to entice your clients with an inviting environment. 

Why Video Marketing is Important?

A Good Video entertain your audience...

A Great Video make them take actions...

Video informs and entertains people and, whether good or bad, most people today would prefer to watch a video rather than read a page or text. A video where someone is speaking to you is much more personal than reading text.

Humans retain 95% of a message delivered through video, compared to only 10% of what they read on text

Your Story with a Reward

Free Video for You

Video Marketing plays a key role in attracting buyers' interest. Hence, for sellers who sign up our services during the promotional period, you will get a FREE marketing video of your property. 

Available Templates for your Story

Video 01 (Semi-D at District 10)

Video-02 (Orchid Park Condo)

Video-03 (The Sanctuiary)

Video-04 (The Tembusu)

Video-05a (Twin VEW ShowFlat)

Video-05b (Twin VEW ShowFlat)

Video-05c (Twin VEW ShowFlat)

Tell your Story with Albert

Enjoy the videos and we look forward to hear from you. 

Call Albert 9674-2180 or submit the CONTACT ME form below.

We have helped many happy clients;

We can do the same for YOU !!!

Albert Tan. 
ERA Realty Network
Senior Marketing Director
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